Australian Dorper Notes

The concept of Australian Dorper Notes is to bring together into one place, a quantity of information, which may be useful to the breeders of Australian Dorpers and White Dorpers. It is a body of information which will be updated and added to over time as new developments in the sheep industry occur and circumstances change.

The Australian Dorper and White Dorper Association Inc. acknowldges the the work of and is indebted to the many people who have contributed to this body of information. In particular we would like to thank those producers and researchers who have given their time to share their knowledge with us. Thanks should also go to external bodies such as State Departments of Agriculture and Meat and Livestock Australia who have allowed us to include their information under Australian Dorper Notes.

Table of Contents

A. Industry Background
B. Management
C. Nutrition
D. Animal Health
E. Breeding
F. Meat Production and Marketing
G. Compliance for the Australian Sheep Industry


A. Industry Background

A1. Introduction to the Dorper and White Dorper Sheep

A2. A brief history of the development of the Dorper & White Dorper Sheep

A3. A brief history of the Dorper and White Dorper Sheep In Australia

A4. Dorpers and White Dorpers Suit Prime Lamb Production in Australia


B. Management

B1. Farm Business management

B2. Record keeping and obligations

B3. How to Tell The Age Of Sheep.

B4. The role of liveweight scales in sheepmeat production

B5. Age of first joining sheep

B6. Ewe management and body weight at joining

B7. Fat score of ewes at joining: the benefits of optimal nutrition

B8. Why fat score breeding ewes?

B9. The economics of managing breeding ewes

B10. Lambing and difficult births (Dystocia)

B11. Fertility testing of rams

B12. Preparing to market livestock

B13. Circular sheep yard design and construction

B14. The 'U' bugle sheep yard

B15. Selecting a sheep handler

B16. Fencing suitable for Prime Lamb Production and  see also 

B17. Points to Note on Fencing

B18. Organics Gives Business Flexibility

B19. Transport and Care of Sheep


C. Nutrition

C1. How pasture characteristics influence sheep production

C2. Grazing & pasture management

C3. Feeding, finishing & nutrition

C4. Full hand feeding of sheep - feeding management

C5. Full hand feeding of sheep - management

C6. Full hand feeding of sheep - quantities



D.Animal Health

D1. Vaccination programs for sheep

D2. Vaccination programs for sheep

D3. Cheesy gland (Caseous Lymphadenitis) in sheep

D4. Sheep health - scabby mouth

D5. Internal Parasites in Sheep

D6. Registered drenches for sheep worms

D7. Drench resistance and sheep worm control

D8. Laboratory tests for worms - prices and availability

D9. Quarantine drenching - don't import resistant sheep worms

D10. WormTest for livestock and guide to egg counts

D11. Sheep drench combinations, resistance and 'refugia'

D12. Liver fluke - the basics

D13. Selenium deficiency in sheep

D14. Hypocalcaemia in Sheep (Milk Fever)

D15. Goitre and Iodine Deficiency

D16. Lamb autopsy: notes on a procedure for determining cause of death

D17. Photosensitisation in stock

D18. Lameness in Sheep

D19. Foot abscess in sheep

D20. Bloat

D21. Grain poisoning of cattle and sheep

D22. Pregnancy Toxaemia (twin lamb disease)

D23. Perennial Ryegrass Staggers

D24. Ovine Brucellosis

D25. Ovine Brucellosis – Reducing the Risk

D26. Ovine Johne's Disease (OJD)

D27. OJD Prevalence Areas from 1 January 2011



E1. Considering Breeding Stud Sheep? What it entails.

E2. The ADWDA Appendix Flock System Explained.

E3. Genetics & breeding

F. Meat Production and Marketing

F1. Comparing lamb marketing methods

F2. Preparation for Marketing animals

F3. Latest Market Prices and Indicators for Sheep

F4. Onling Marketing of Livestock

F5. Getting Started with AuctionsPlus (link to AuctionsPlus site)

F6. Livestock Exports


G.Compliance for the Australian Sheep Industry

G1. Property Identification Codes (PICs) Explained

G2. NLIS for Sheep and Goats- How Does it Work?

G3. Types of NLIS Tags

G4. Accredited NLIS Sheep and Goat Tags.

G5. How to Order NLIS Sheep and Goat Tags

G6. Sheep Movement Documentation

G7. Sheep Health Statement Information

G8. Livestock Transport Standards - A Systematic Risk Assessment



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